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Can Young Living Essential Oils be Used Internally in Australia?

You'll see varied reports online about whether essential oils can be used internally or not. Some reports say that essential oils should not be used internally. And that is certainly good advice for most brands of essential oils, as most brands of essential oils, even brands labelled as '100% pure' or 'organic' are not suited for internal use and could be harmful if ingested.

What about Young Living oils? Can they be used internally?

The guidelines for using Young Living essential oils depend upon each country, as each country has different government regulations and classifications for essential oil usage.

In the United States, some Young Living Essential Oils are classed as “Dietary Supplements”. As such, you will see them listed for use internally, in capsules as dietary supplements and for use in food and drinks. Those Young Living oils are labeled as the “Vitality” range in the USA, with white labels.

In Australia, essential oils are regulated differently to the USA. In Australia, you will see reference to the use of Young Living essential oils topically, aromatically, for use in cooking for flavouring food and drinks and used in Young Living's nutritional supplements.

This helps to explain why you will see different usage guidelines in different countries for Young Living essential oils.

For Young Living essential oils, the labels in each country are based upon the government requirements in that country.

Though just note that Young Living oils in the USA, are the same Young Living essential oils in other countries. For example, Young Living peppermint oil in the USA is the same peppermint oil as the peppermint oil sold by Young Living in Australia. It's just the labels will look different. In the USA, the peppermint oil will be labelled as the Vitality peppermint Young Living oil, though the bottle contents are the same peppermint oil as the Young Living peppermint oil sold in Australia.

How can Young Living essential oils be used internally in Australia?

In Australia, many of the Young Living essential oils can be used in food and drinks. For example, the citrus, spice and herb oils including Lemon oil, Orange oil, Peppermint oil, Tangerine oil, Basil oil, Ginger oil, Nutmeg oil, Black Pepper oil, Dill oil, Oregano oil, Thyme oil and Coriander oil can be added to drinks ​​and food. There are 35 Young Living essential oils in Australia that can be used for food flavouring and cooking. See the full list of Young Living essential oils for food here.

See the labels on the bottle for which oils can be used in food and cooking.

In Australia, almost all of Young Living’s contain Young Living essential oils. Young Living supplements in Australia are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Young Living supplement capsules Digest & Cleanse contain Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger, Caraway, Fennel, Anise Young Living essential oils.

Longevity capsules contain Frankincense, Orange, Thyme and Clove Young Living essential oils. Inner Defense capsules contain Young Living Thieves blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary, plus Oregano, Thyme and Lemongrass essential oils.

Where to Buy Young Living essential oils in Australia

Looking to get your own Young Living essential oils?

If you're in Australia purchase your Young Living essential oils here.

If you're in the USA or elsewhere in the world? Then click here to view Young Living essential oils and add them to your shopping cart.

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