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Top 5 Peppermint Oil Uses in the Kitchen

Top 5 Peppermint Oil Uses in Summer

Peppermint oil is a versatile essential oil. Let's explore the top 5 ways to use Peppermint essential oil in the kitchen.

Peppermint oil drinking water

1. Peppermint Water

Young Living peppermint essential oil can be added to food and drinks to flavour food.

Peppermint water is a healthy drink option that can replace sugar-filled soft drinks, iced-teas and cordials.

Everybody knows that drinking water is great for health. Though most people struggle with drinking enough water. How often have you thought to yourself "If only water tasted good I'd drink more of it". That's where essential oils come into play. If it tastes good - people drink more. Essential oil drinking water tastes super yummy. That's why everybody says when they try essential oil drinking water they find it easier to drink more water.

When using peppermint oil in drinking water, there's a 3 things you need to know.

1. The flavour of peppermint essential oil is strong. Some people love it, some people don't. That's just like any flavour - not everyone's tastes buds are the same. So give it a try to see if it's the flavour for you. Personally peppermint water is one of my favourites, I love it!

2. Use a small amount! For most people, one drop of peppermint oil to 250ml glass of water is a good flavour level. For some people, one drop to one litre of water is the flavour level they prefer. This is something that you'll need to try for yourself to find out your flavour preference. Though most people find that using more than one or two drops to a glass of water is too strong in flavour for them. So when you try peppermint oil water for yourself, start with one drop in a jug of water or large glass.

3. Make sure you're using an essential oil suited for use in food. Young Living peppermint essential oil can be used for food and drinks. You'll see the guidelines for use in cooking on the Young Living bottle label. Though please note that most brands of essential oils are not suitable for use in food and drinks. Most brands of essential oils, even oils labeled as 100% pure or organic are designed for aromatherapy purposes only, they should not be used in food and can be harmful if ingested in food. So make sure you're using an essential oil that's listed for use in food. With Young Living peppermint oil you can rest assured it's safe for use in food.

Young Living peppermint oil chocolate brownie recipe

2. Chocolate Peppermint Brownies

Flavour your recipes with peppermint oil!

Add peppermint oil to your favourite chocolate brownie recipe. Simply add 2 drops of Young Living peppermint oil to your brownie recipe. It's amazingly tasty!

And just a reminder, when using essential oils for cooking, only use essential oils suited for use in food. Young Living peppermint oil can be used in food.

Young Living Peppermint oil NingXia Red shot recipe

3. NingXia Red shot with Peppermint

Everybody says they love the taste of Young Living's Ningxia Red juice. It's a health drink that tastes great!

NingXia Red juice already contains 4 therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils - lemon, orange, yuzu and tangerine. Adding additional oils not only offers a variation in flavours, adding additional oils also offers a host of wellness benefits, as each oil offers it's own health giving properties.

Peppermint essential oil not only has a great flavour, it's also great as an energy pick-me-up. That's why peppermint oil is a great match for NingXia Red. Simply add one drop of Young Living peppermint oil to 25ml of NingXia Red.

Peppermint essential oil chocolate recipe

4. Peppermint Chocolate Truffles

Yes, here's another recipe with chocolate. There's a reason why chocolate is featuring twice in the top 5 uses for peppermint oil in the kitchen. Peppermint and chocolate were made to go together. They're the ultimate flavour combination.

Add peppermint oil to your favourite chocolate recipes, whether that's chocolate truffles, raw chocolate, chocolate cupcakes. Anything chocolate, peppermint is a perfect flavour companion.

To make chocolate truffles or chocolates, add 3 to 5 drops of peppermint essential oils. And again one more time, make sure the oil you use is suited for cooking, like Young Living's peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint oil for ant problems

5. Ant 'No Go' Zone

Having ant problems in the kitchen? Ants don't like peppermint oil. Using peppermint oil can help to deter ants. Ants often follow an 'ant trail'. One way to deter ants is by dropping peppermint oil along the entry point of the ant trail.

The way that I use peppermint oil for ants is by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to my Thieves Household Cleaner. The Thieves Household Cleaner is what I use to clean my kitchen benchtops. It's a concentrated liquid that I dilute with water in a spray bottle for cleaning. When I make the cleaning solution in the spray bottle, I add a few drops of peppermint oil. It not only makes the cleaner smell even more awesome, it also helps with ant issues.

"We have an indoor-outdoor style kitchen with bi-fold windows that open directly to our kitchen benchtops from the outside of the house. We love the open feeling and breeze that comes through the kitchen, though having the bi-fold windows also gives an "open access pass" to ants. Whenever I see an ant in the kitchen, I grab the Thieves Cleaner spray with the added peppermint oil and spray down the ants and ant trail and it stops them dead in their tracks. I love being able to use a kitchen cleaner that's all-natural without chemicals, that's safe for the whole family and has he added benefit as a bug deterrent."

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