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Young Living essential oils, low-toxin cleaning products, nutritional supplements, personal care products
and diffusers.

Getting Started

​Where to start?
Find out the best way to get started...

Free Oils Discovery e-book

I'm just curious, would you like to receive a free Essential Oils e-book? The Oils Discovery e-book is your introduction to therapeutic grade essential oils. Packed with 70 pages of info, everybody says they love this e-book. Most people can't wait to get their hands on it. 

Click the button below to get the Oils Discovery e-book.

Essential Oils for Children

Kids, Babies & Oils

Dogs & Oils

Essential Oilor Dogs
How to Use Essential Oils and Chemical Free Homes
When you order from at wholesale prices you
gain exclusive access to all of these e-books. Only available from
Toxin Free Thieves Cleaner Uses
Toxin Free Cleaning,
Skincare, Makeup & Baby care
How to Cook with Essential Oils
How to Cook
with Essential Oils
Thieves Waterless
Hand Purifier
2 x
NingXia Red juice sachets
  • R.C.

  • Thieves

  • Peace & Calming

  • Frankincense

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • DiGize
  • PanAway

  • Peppermint

  • Valor

  • Stress Away

  • Orange

Young Living Premium Starter Bundle includes 5ml oils of:

Dew Drop Diffuser
Thieves Spray
Where to Start with Essential Oils?

With 140+ essential oils to choose from in the Young Living collection, plus nutritional and personal care products, where do you start?

Most people start with the Oils Premium Starter Kit Bundle. Why? Because it's such amazing value! Valued at over $400 for only $275!


The Young Living Oils Premium Starter Kit Bundle includes:

  •  A collection of 12 versatile therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils you can use every day

  • The Dew Drop Diffuser

  • Automatic wholesale access is also included which gives you a 24% discount on the retail price

  • Plus extra goodies including NingXia Red juice sachets and the Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitiser and Thieves Spray.


The Premium Starter Kit Bundle Oils are suited to everyone - for families for use at home, animal care and practitioners.


The 12 therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils included in the Premium Starter Bundle are: 


Peppermint wellness- 

  • Traditionally used in Aromatherapy as an antipyretic/febrifuge to relieve mild fever; and as an analgesic/ anodyne to relieve pain; and to relieve mild migraine symptoms.

​Frankincense wellness - 

  • Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve mild upper respiratory tract congestion; to reduce bronchial mucous congestion; and to enhance nerve function.

​Thieves blend 

  • Promotes a very hostile environment for germs, microbes, mould, and fungi

  • Effective for cleansing any surface


Peace & Calming blend

  • To calm adults and children 

Valor blend

  • To instill a sense of confidence
    and courage

Orange wellness

  • Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve constipation; as a nervous system relaxant; and to reduce the symptoms and the occurrence of mild anxiety.

PanAway blend 

  • For easing muscles after exercise and physical activity

RC blend

  • Breathe easy 



  • Soothing for emotional tensions experienced in the stomach


Stress Away

  • To combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life


Lavender wellness

  • Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve headache symptoms; to calm nerves; and to relieve mild nerve pain.

Lemon wellness

  • Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to enhance mental alertness; to relieve nausea; and as a rubefacient to stimulate blood flow to skin.

Where to Start with Low Toxin Cleaning Products

Nature's Home Essentials Bundle

It's time to detox your home. Most people are becoming aware of the health risks associated with most supermarket brand cleaning and personal care products. Most people want to switch to all-natural green products without synthetic chemicals such as triclosan, bleach, synthetic fragrance, phlalates and parabens.

Young Living cleaning products are all-natural, with plant based ingredients that are powerful and highly concentrated, based on the powerful Thieves essential oils blend.

With a full range of products to choose from where do you start? The best place to start is with the Young Living Nature's Home Essentials Bundle

Want the best of both worlds - switching out synthetic chemical cleaning products with ready-made natural products and essential oils, then this is the best starting place for you, wiith the bonus of a diiffuser so you can switch out air freshners and candles too.

Where to Start with Low Toxin Home Products and Essential Oils

Healthy Homes Premium Starter Kit Bundle

FREE Welcome to Essential Oils Book!

When you order a Premium Starter Kit Bundle at with Sharon and Andrew Wild, you also become a member of Team Wild Fire and you will receive the 'Welcome to Essential Oils' ebook showing you 200+ ways to use the essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit Bundle. You'll also gain access to 60 e-books, all accessible via the Team Wild Fire App.

When you order from at wholesale prices you
gain exclusive access to all of these e-books. Only available from

Kids Emotions Book
Homework Helpers Book
Bedtime Routine for Kids
Essential Oils for your Skin Type Book
Inspire - Baby DIY Recipes Book
Using Essential Oils with Babies
How to Use Young Living Skincare Book
Thieves Guide
Oily Recipes Cookbook
The Chemical Free House
Chakra Guide
A to Z Essential Oils Guide
Ditch and Switch Home Detox Plan
The Chemical Free Laundry
Cooking with Essential Oils
The Chemical Free Bathroom
The Chemical Free Kitchen
Oils Discovery
Free Team Wild Fire App!

When you join Young Living with Sharon and Andrew Wild by ordering at wholesale prices at, you also become a member of Team Wild Fire - a group of people dedicated to educating for a healthier tomorrow.


Team Wild Fire have their own App for your phone, tablet or computer. This app gives you access to all of the online educational webinars, e-books and much more. You'll receive instructions for downloading the app once you order at


why young living

So Much More than a Pretty Smell...

Pure, Organic, Unadulterated, Therapeutic Grade

Young Living's Mona Farm
 One of 7 Young Living farms in the USA, France & South America

Quality Assured


Seed to Seal



Organic, Wild Crafted

Correct Plant Species


100% natural

No artificial ingredients

No added fragrances, fillers or adulterants


Low heat distillation

No chemicals or solvents used

Maintains the 80 to 300 medicinal components


Every batch tested

Therapeutic Grade

Standardised therapeutic active compounds


Full vibrational frequency

Seed to Seal Process

WATCH this video: See the Seed to Seal process that Young  Living use at their farms to ensure the highest quality pure therapeutic grade oils.

What's Different About
Young Living Essential Oils? 

So much more than a pretty smell, Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade, organic, unadulterated and pure.

What does that mean and why does that matter?


The essential oils most people are familiar with are perfume or aromatherapy grade essential oils, designed mainly for their fragrance. Those types of oils, including health food store oils, often contain chemical additives making those oils unsuitable to be used directly on the skin without dilution and they can never be taken internally, nor used in cooking.

Young Living essential oils on the other hand are used well beyond their pretty smell. They're used by millions of people around the world, by mum's, by pet owners, by practitioners in clinics, by nurses in hospitals and they're of such a high quality that Young Living has Australian government listing, through the Therapeutic Good Administration, for the use of Young Living essential oils in nutritional supplements - that's a really big deal in the world of essential oils.


38 of Young Living's essential oils are classified as food grade oils for culinary use under the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand guidelines. You can see the 38 Young Living food grade edible oils on the food essential oils page.


I use Young Living oils to support optimal health for all the systems in the body. Only the highest quality essential oils can be used for supporting health and wellbeing.

Anyone can make an essential oil that smells good. Young Living's extensive experience in farming, distilling without chemicals and sourcing essential oils guarantees each Young Living oil contains the optimal level of beneficial plant properties. Oils that work - That’s at the core of what it means to be Young Living Therapeutic Grade™.


Young Living sets the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of their essential oils through their unique Seed to Seal® process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, they apply the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. 


Young Living have their own farms and partner farms around the world.  I've personally visited 7 Young Living farms to see the Seed to Seal process first hand. I've seen the distillation first hand, I've even helped with planting plants. That's part of what I love about Young Living, it's a full disclosure company. Young Living customers can go to the Young Living farms to see this for themselves too!


Want to know more about what sets Young Living apart from other essential oil companies? Look through the 'Why Young Living' info below by clicking on the right arrow. You'll see info about Young Living's Seed to Seal process, the Young Living farms and the testing of Young Living oils.

How are Young Living Oils Different to Health Food store essential oils?

Watch these videos to understand how Young Living oils are different to Health Foods Store Oils in results and price.

WATCH this video: See why Quality is of utmost importance, and why Young Living oils are different to other brands of essential oils

WATCH this video: Do Health Food store essential oils produce the same results as Young Living Oils?

WATCH this video: Why do Young Living oils cost more than Health Food store essential oils?

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