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Optional Essential Rewards Loyalty Program


How to Get Free Products!

Get 10% to 25% of your orders back in rewards points that you get to spend like Young Living cash. It’s like Frequent Flyer Miles, but with Essential Rewards you get to redeem the rewards points for free products! Earn these rewards points by using the Essential Rewards monthly loyalty program.

How does the Essential Rewards program work?

  • When you use the Essential Rewards program, you agree to have a Young Living order each month for $80 (50PV) or more.


  • You nominate a date that Young Living will process your order each month, for example the 15th of each month.


  • You can change the products that you order from month to month, so you don't need to order the same products every month.


  • Plus, there's no long term commitment, you can cancel the monthly orders using Essential Rewards at any time with a simple phone call or email to Young Living.


  • By using the Essential Rewards monthly ordering you receive 10% to 25% of each monthly Essential Rewards order in free product points, which you can then redeem for free products.


How to Get Started
with Essential Rewards?


To use the Essential Rewards monthly loyalty program, simply add the 'Essential Rewards' product 'buy now' to add to your shopping bag before you checkout. You'll see the Essential Rewards product in the Essential Rewards category in the shop.


After that, you can update future monthly Essential Rewards monthly orders by phone call or online. You will be sent the Essential Rewards Explained ebook to show you how to place future monthly orders.

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Essential Rewards FAQs... 


What if I want to test the products out first before committing to regular orders?

No problem, we completely understand. First, we already know based on helping hundreds of people like you that you'll quickly fall in love the Young Living products. Though the good news is that the Essential Rewards program can be cancelled at anytime, so if you start using the program but you then change your mind at anytime, you can cancel the monthly ordering with a simple phone call. 

What other products would I choose to meet the minimum monthly order?

In addition to essential oils, Young Living have a wide range of safe, effective nutritional and personal care products. There's skincare, household cleaning products and amazing nutrition, all fortified with essential oils. You'll soon find there's lots of products to try to meet the monthly orders. 

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