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Thieves Ultra Toothpaste

The Young Living Thieves Ultra Toothpaste features  all-natural ingredients, teeth whitening capability plus patented liposome dental protection technology. Thieves Dentrarome Ultra toothpaste is the ultimate dental care and is the preferred choice for people seeking whiter teeth.


Purchase Thieves Ultra Toothpaste below and it will be shipped directly to you from our Sydney warehouse. 


The Thieves Ultra toothpaste features the Thieves essential oil blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils together with additional essential oils plus all-natural chemical-free ingredients.

Young Living Thieves Ultra Toothpaste

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Thieves Ultra Toothpaste


Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste is an advanced formula of all-natural ingredients that gently cleans and whitens your teeth while harnessing the power of pure, therapeutic-grade Thieves essential oil blend for fresh breath. 


Not only does Thieves Ultra Toothpaste offer safe oral hygiene, it features natural whitening agents. This toothpaste contains calcium carbonate, a natural whitener for teeth, plus the whitening agent papain, an anti-stain enzyme derived from papayas, to help whiten your teeth and improve your smile. That's why Thieves Ultra is preferred by those concerned with the appearance of whiter teeth.


Dentarome Ultra also has a great taste. This Thieves Ultra formula features  clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus globulus and thyme therapeutic grade essential oils.


Thieves Ultra Toothpaste includes the all-natural ingredients of calcium carbonate, Thieves essential oil blend (a powerful blend of clove, cinammon bark, lemon, Eucalyptus radiata and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oils), zinc oxide, deionized water with papain, xylitol, vegetable glycerine, essential oil base (thymol from Thymus vulgaris), eucalyptus globulus essential oil and natural methyl salycilate from wintergreen, xanthum gum, zinc citrate, non-GMO lecithin, stevioside and essential oil concentrate containing peppermint essential.

24% Discount - What's the Deal with Wholesale?

Simply add a Basic Starter Kit to your order to access wholesale prices at the 24% discount.


What's Required for a Wholesale Account?
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  • First order and future orders at wholesale prices​

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  • No monthly orders required

  • No re-selling requirements

  • To maintain your wholesale account - order at least once each 12 months for
    50 PV (50 points) of products, that's about $80 of products, to keep your wholesale account open

  • If you don't order once a year, the wholesale account will be closed.

What's Special about Young Living Thieves Ultra Toothpaste?


Thieves Ultra features all natural ingredicents plus a special two-part essential oil system that has: 


  • Anti-stain, whitening enzymes

  • Time-released essential oil mouthwash

  • A low-abrasion formula containing the smallest particle-size available of calcium carbonate and zinc oxide 

  • Special tartar-control agents

  • All food-grade, edible ingredients


Patented Liposome Technology

  • Uses only water and lecithin (non-GMO)

  • Emulsifies and protects essential oils from oxidation

  • Binds essential oils to the mucus membranes in the mouth for unmatched breath-freshening and oral hygiene


"A year ago, in addition to other things the dentist asked me to do, I added Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste to my regular brushing, flossing, and six-month dental checkup regimen. This morning the results of my checkup amazed my dentist of over 30 years. Not only were my teeth cavity-free, but my gums were also healthy. Thank you!”  


"I just started using Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash this week , there are not enough words to explain how amazing these products are! My mouth feels great and my teeth are white" Katie L



"LOVE the dentarome toothpaste. Nothing like the feeling of fresh from the dentist cleaned day after day..its super awesome!!" Marian


"We have been using YL dentarome for quite some time. When I took my kids to the dentist for check ups, they were quite pleased with the results of their teeth!" Joy M


"My daughter and I both LOVE Dentarome, and our hygienist too noticed the difference in the amount of plaque since our last checkups." Susan B


"I love the toothpaste, it has made our teeth noticeably whiter!" Kelly


What are People Saying About Thieves Ultra Toothpaste



"My hygienist of 10 years noticed a difference in my gums and teeth right away when I made the change to Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. She wanted to know what I was doing differently since my plaque build up was so much less than in previous check-ups. I see her every 6 months and she says cleaning my teeth is so much easier now than when I was using a popular sensitivity toothpaste and my gums are no longer sensitive (the clove oil in the Dentarome takes care of that now) She is amazed at the health of my once so tender gums and whiter teeth! I will never give up my Thieves toothpaste and I make sure I always have ample supply and one in my travel bag, can’t live without it now!" Debi N  


"I love this toothpaste. Recently went to a new dentist (with much anxiety, because it had been almost 2 years since my last appointment). The hygienist said my teeth and gums looked great, was already familiar with Thieves, and praised it highly."  Missy


"I’ve been using Young Living Toothpastes exclusively for several years. It was an amazing compliment when my dental hygienist said my oral health looked as young as a teenager’s – “Absolutely no bone loss, and your gums are so healthy. I’m jealous!” Jaunita 

Experiences source : YL blog article the Tooth & Nothing But the Tooth

Teeth Whitening Power with Thieves Ultra Toothpaste for a  Whiter Brigther Smile

Thieves Ultra Toothpaste Australia

Most people know that what you eat, drink plus everyday wear can make your teeth look dull and discoloured.


Thieves Ultra comes to the rescue. With the Thieves Ultra toothpaste, you can combat the effects of normal staining. Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste will help you gently brush away daily buildup to reveal a sparkling, healthy-looking smile.


Infused with our popular Thieves oil blend, Thieves Ultra Toothpaste uses essential oils and naturally derived ingredients. You’ll get the power of a conventional toothpaste without any fluoride, dyes, or preservatives.


Whether you work in an office or from home, a bright smile is important as you interact with friends, coworkers and family. 


How does Thieves Ultra work for whitening? It features whitening agent papain, an anti-stain enzyme derived from pawpaw, to help whiten your teeth and improve your smile.


Thieves Dentarome Ultra also contains calcium carbonate, a natural whitener for teeth.

Which Young Living Toothpaste to Choose?

Which Thieves toothpaste you choose will be a matter of personal preference.


Aromabright and Thieves Ultra are the most popular toothpastes.


If you're desiring teeth whitening benefits, Thieves Ultra is the toothpaste that most people choose.


Beyond the dental benefits, it comes down to flavour preference. 


Thieves Ultra has a Thieves oil flavour, best described as a cinnamon-clove flavour.


Aromabright is sweet in it's flavour. Aromabright features peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon bark oils which give the Aromabright a sweet mint flavour, sweeter than the Thieves Ultra toothpaste.  


How does Thieves Ultra Toothpaste
Compare with Conventional Brands?

Thieves Ultra toothpaste features all-natural ingredients. Most supermarket brand toothpastes however, are filled with a chemicals.


See the ingredients below of Thieves Ultra toothpaste compared with a popular conventional brand toothpaste.

Thieves Ultra Toothpaste Ingredients

Most people assume that the products on the supermarket shelves are safe for the family to use. Most people think that if a product wasn't save, the government wouldn't allow it to be sold.  You may be surprised or even shocked to find out that many of the commerical brand toothpastes at the supermarket contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to all sorts of health problems, from disrupted thyroid function, hormone imbalance and even cancer.


Conventional toothpastes are full of toxins. Those products might make your teeth look pretty and your teeth might feel clean when using them. Though they're slowly eroding away tooth enamel and gums. Yes, you read that correctly. The commercial brands damage tooth enamel!  


Even worse, conventional whitening toothpastes are highly toxic to the mouth. All of the conventional brands and many of the 'natural' brands put chemicals in their toothpastes that no one would ever choose to put in their bodies.


When shopping for an all-natural toothpaste, here's a list of chemicals to avoid and why:


Included in most conventional toothpastes is used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It has been linked to many health problems includes thyroid problems, hormonal disruption and it may cause cancer.


SLS Sodium Laurel Sulphate

A common ingredient in toothpaste, SLS is a surfactant used to thicken toothpaste and to create the foaming action. SLS is said to help dissolve dental plaque. However, it is a known skin irritant. Many studies show that SLS may contribute to cancer, teeth and gum problems, ulcers, and many other health issues.


Artificial Sweeteners Aspartame, Saccharine

These artificial sweeteners are used in most toothpaste formulas. Each has been linked to many serious health problems and should be avoided altogether.



Fluoride is an endocrine disrupter that calcifies the penile gland, and it can reduce thyroid and adrenal gland function. studies show fluoride increases cancer risk, causes damage to DNA, inactivates enzymes within the body, accelerates aging, disrupts the immune system, and should be avoided both in toothpaste and in water.


Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol comes in several grades. The industrial grade is an active ingredient in engine coolants and antifreeze, airplane de-icers, paints, enamels, and varnishes. Propylene glycol in pharmaceutical grade form is used in many products, including toothpaste, as a solvent or surfactant. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers propylene glycol to be so dangerously toxic that it must be handled with gloves, protective clothing, goggles, and proper disposal. 



Diethanolamine (DEA), is in products that foam like toothpaste. Dr. Samuel Epstein, professor of environmental health at University of Illinois, states that repeated exposure to skin may lead to increased risk of liver and kidney cancers.



Sorbitol is used as a thickener and a humectant to prevent toothpaste from hardening when the tube is opened or when the toothpaste is exposed to air. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol used to sweeten some “health food” products. Some researchers have recently discovered that sorbitol found in chewing gum can cause chronic diarrhea. Very little research has been done on this chemical.


Abrasive Silica

Products containing the ingredients silica and cellulose, in particular, should be avoided when gum disease, tooth decay, sensitivity and receding gums are present. While these ingredients may remove tartar and make teeth whiter in appearance, they also may do harm to dental health by altering the acidic balance of the mouth, gums and tongue, according to Dr. Warren Scherer of the New York University College of Dentistry, as reported by The Naples Daily News.


Artificial Colours - FD & C Dyes

FD & C dyes are all synthetic colours made from coal tar, and animal studies have shown almost all of them to be carcinogenic. Many of these colours contain heavy metal salts, which can accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems. They can trigger a wide number of behavioral, learning, and health problems and may cause potentially severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, nervousness, lack of concentration, and cancer.


Why you want to Go Green with your Toothpaste

Dangers of Name-Brand Teeth Whiteners

Hydrated silica, which is primarily used as an abrasive in many name-brand whitening toothpastes, is made from a crystallized compound found in quartz, sand, and flint. Tooth enamel re-mineralizes daily from the supply of ionic calcium and phosphorus in the saliva. Scratching the surface of the tooth with an abrasive such as hydrated silica harms the enamel and prevents re-mineralization, much like using sand to clean glass. Severe wear could eventually occur.

What's Not in Thieves Ultra Toothpaste


With Thieves Ultra Toothpaste you have the peace-of-mind knowing that your toothpaste doesn't contain harsh chemicals. In Thieves Ultra Toothpaste there's 


  • NO fluoride

  • NO dyes

  • NO SLS Sodium Laurel Sulphate

  • NO Propylene Glycol

  • NO sorbitol

  • NO Triclosan

  • NO DEA

  • NO synthetic ingredients

  • NO preservatives

  • NO GMOs

  • NO synthetic perfumes

  • NO artificial sweeteners

Brushing is Not Enough 


Most toothpastes work to prevent cavities by hardening the tooth enamel with fluoride or using abrasive salts to mechanically scrub away microorganisms from the teeth and gums.


However, brushing is not enough to eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral presence in the mouth. Microorganisms typically hide between teeth and under the tongue. 


Whilst brushing removes some of the plaque and pathogens, it still leaves 40 to 70 perent of the microorganisms behind unscathed to later repopulate the mouth. Oral hygiene could be vastly improved by adding proven and potent antiseptics to the toothpaste matrix, rather than relying on either fluoride or scrubbing.

Removing Tarter Naturally


Most supermarket toothpastes use questionable chemicals including pentrasodium triphosphate and tetrasodium pyrophosphate to control tartar, the scale that builds up on teeth and irritates gums, leading to gingivitis, tooth loss and periodontal disease.


Studies published in the American Journal of Dentistry have documented the significant tartar-reducing effects of zinc citrate, including a randomised, double-blind six-month trial that showed a zinc citrate-containing toothpaste could reduce tartar by 26 percent.

Are these products Genuine Young Living Products?

Yes, these products are official genuine Young Living products from the world renowned Young Living essential oils company.
All products purchased through this website are dispatched from the Young Living warehouse.

Shipping Info
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  • A signature is required at the time of delivery.

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  • Shipping timeframes below offer approximate shipping timeframes from dispatch of the order. These timeframes are not guaranteed, they are approximate estimates.


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