Top 3 Essential Oil Diffuser Tips

Essential Oil Diffuser Tips

Want to get the most out of your essential oil diffuser? Then make sure you observe these Top 3 Tips for using your aromatherapy diffuser.

Don't Mix Blends!

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An essential oil blend is a combination of essential oils created for a specific purpose. A blend may contain anywhere from 3 to over 15 essential oils. So never mix 2 blends together in your diffuser.

Do experiment with mixing singles. Or, add an additional single to a blend if you have a specific purpose in mind. So, just remember when choosing which essential oils to diffuse -

  • Single & Single = Good

  • Single & Blend = Good

  • Blend & Blend = Avoid

Use Low Mineral Water

Have you ever noticed that lime scale build up in your kettle that you have to clean off? This is due to the minerals in your tap water. The more minerals are in your water, the harder your water is and the more often you need to clean your kettle.

So how does this relate to your essential oil diffuser?

Ultrasonic Disc

Your ultrasonic diffuser contains a round disc (as pictured on the right), which is the ultrasonic disc. This vibrates at thousands of times per second to split up the water/oil mixture into a fine mist which goes into the air. Just like your kettle, over time your diffuser and ultrasonic disc will have a build up of scale on it from the minerals in the water.

By using low mineral water (for example, distilled water), this scale build up in the diffuser and on the disc will be minimised, and therefore required cleaning less often. To learn how to correctly clean your essential oil diffuser, see our blog post called Cleaning your essential oil diffuser.

Use 4-6 Drops

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When you read the manual for your essential oil diffuser, you will probably see that it suggests around 8-12 drops. We have found that this is too many drops for a standard sized room. For a large, open plan house then yes, we would use this amount. However, for most standard sized rooms we have found 4-6 drops to be ample.

Do your own experimenting - but remember, if you are new to essential oils start off slowly! Essential oils have the ability to help the body to detox. If we detox faster then our body can handle, then we may start to feel side effects of this detox process like headaches or nausea. If this occurs, discontinue use and drink plenty of water. Then, the next time, use fewer drops.

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