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NingXia Red Shot Recipes

NingXia Red Shot Recipes

Drinking NingXia Red twice a day is the ultimate health and energy boost.

Most people use NingXia Red juice to boost their energy levels. Whether it's the avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump, gaining energy to keep up with the kids or grandkids or boosting sports performance, NingXia Red offers a sustained energy that doesn't spike blood sugar levels, without caffeine, achieving a boost in energy levels without the sugar crash that other energy drinks cause.

Everybody says they love the taste of Ningxia Red. Yes, it's a health drink that tastes great! Though did you know that you can completely change the flavour of NingXia Red juice by adding extra essential oils.

NingXia Red juice already contains 4 therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils - lemon, orange, yuzu and tangerine. Adding additional oils not only offers a variation in flavours - after all, even the tastiest drinks can get mundane day-after-day. Adding additional oils also offers a host of wellness benefits, as each oil offers it's own health giving properties.

So which essential oils can be added to NingXia Red?

Below are our favourite NingXia Red shot recipes.

Though first a word of warning. Don't use essential oils from health food stores in your drinks and food. Most essential oil brands, including health food store essential oils, are not suited for use in food and drinks and may be harmful or even toxic if used in food. So steer clear of those oils.

Young Living essential oils however are suited for use in food and drinks. I only use Young Living essential oils for flavouring food. Young Living essential oils are of such purity and quality that they're used in TGA Australian government listed nutritional supplements including Digest & Cleanse capsules, Prostate Health capsules and Inner Defence capsules featuring Thieves essential oil.

NingXia Red shot recipe tangerine lime

Tangerine Lime NingXia Red Shot Recipe

This is my personal favourite! The combination of tangerine and lime is absolutely sublime! This NingXia Red shot recipe offers the citrus sweetness of tangerine and refreshing burst of flavour from lime.

Simply add 2 drops of Young Living tangerine essential oil and 2 drops of lime essential oil to 25ml of NingXia Red Juice.

NingXia Red shot recipe orange tangerine cinnamon

Orange, Tangerine, Cinnamon NingXia Red Shot Recipe

Countdown features the warm spiciness of cinnamon with the citrus orange and tangerine flavour. Some people say it tastes a bit like Christmas and is especially enjoyable during the winter months of the year.

To make the Countdown NingXia Red shot recipe, simply add one drop each of Young Living orange, tangerine and cinnamon bark essential oils.

Cinnamon essential oil is stronger in flavour than dried cinnamon spice powder. Cinnamon oil is a pretty intense flavour for new-comers to the flavours of essential oils in drinks. I love it, though some people find it's flavour a little strong if they're not used to it. So if haven't experienced cinnamon essential oil in drinks yet, you may like to start with a toothpick dip into the cinnamon oil, swirled through the NingXia Red juice. Then you can adjust to taste preference by adding more if you wish.

Ningxia Red shot recipe lemon grapefruit ginger

Lemon, Grapefruit, Ginger NingXia Red Shot Recipe

Jump start your day with the New Start NingXia Red shot. It will make you feel alive. Bursting with the tangy flavour of lemon and grapefruit, combined with the rich spicy warmth of ginger.

Simply combine one drop each of Young Living lemon, grapefruit and ginger essential oils with 25ml of NingXia Red juice.

Ningxia Red shot recipe peppermint jade lemon

Jade Lemon Peppermint NingXia Red Shot Recipe

Jade Lemon sounds intriguing doesn't it. Jade lemon essential oil has a flavour that's across between lemon and lime. If you like citurs and you love lime and lemon like I do, you'll love Jade lemon.

Jade lemon comes from a variety of lemon which has a green rind.

The lemony-lime flavour of jade lemon combined with the energizing flavour of peppermint oil makes this a super flavour combination and a great pick-me-up energiser in the afternoon.

Add 1 drop of Young Living peppermint essential oil with 2 drops of Young Living Jade Lemon essential oil to 25ml of NingXia Red juice.

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