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Cruise Ship Survival Guide - Top Tips for Avoiding Gastro & Staying Healthy on Your Next Cruise

If you're about to go on a cruise holiday, no doubt you're concerned about the infamous cruise ship gastro and other illnesses that you'll encounter. Everybody knows the media headlines are filled with horror stories of the cruise ship gastro curse. Most people want to know what they can do to stay healthy on their next cruise trip.

Would it be okay if we show you how to protect yourself on your next cruise holiday with the cruise ship survival kit.

Don't know what Cruise Ship Gastro Norovirus is or how it's spread on cruise ships - see this article to find out .

In this 11 part series, we'll explore the top 11 tips for staying healthy on cruise holidays...

Tip 1 - Boost Your Health

Everybody knows the healthier we are and the stronger our immune system, the less likely we're to fall ill. Everybody says that's especially true when we're travelling.

Most people know travelling can take it's toll on us. Just think of all the things we do when travelling. From being battered by the elements of sun and wind on the cruise deck, the outdoor adventures, late nights at the cruise ship casino, crazy taxi rides at ports and the stress of almost missing the boat departure at ports. Travel can be stressful on the body.

Stresses like these have an effect on our immune system, often suppressing the immune system and making us more susceptible to falling ill.

Whilst travelling on cruise ships I use nutritional supplements for an added internal boost.

Inner Defense capsules, containing Thieves essential oil, plus oregano, thyme and lemongrass essential oils is my travel companion. Inner Defense capsules are filled with antioxidants to help to keep my body healthy and strong. I simply follow the directions on the label of taking two capsules each day whilst I'm travelling, plus for a few days before and after the cruise trip.

I also drink NingXia Red juice in handy portable sachets everyday whilst travelling. NingXia Red is a powerful combination of high anti-oxidant fruits, including the NingXia Wolfberry (Gogi berry), together with orange, tangerine, yuzu and lemon essential oils. NingXia Red not only supports my health, it gives me the energy I need to make the most out of every day on the cruise.

See the next parts of this series of Avoiding Gastro & Staying Healthy on Your Next Cruise Holiday

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Want to know more about how to use Thieves products?

When you purchase Young Living Thieves products at , you receive the Thieves Guide e-book. A 70+ page ebook outlining how to use the Thieves products, including Inner Defense, the Thieves Spray and the Thieves Waterless hand purifier.

Looking to get your own Thieves Inner Defense Capsules and NingXia Red Juice? Then we would love to help!

If you're in Australia purchase your Inner Defense capsules here and NingXia Red juice here

In the USA or elsewhere in the world? Then click here to view Inner Defense and click here to view NingXia Red add it to your shopping cart.

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