Essential Oils in Food

Essential oils in food are all the rage. Families across Australia are being inspired to the flavour benefits of using essential oils in food.

But what you might not know is that not all essential oils can be used in food. There's only a few specific essential oils that can be used in food, and unless the essential oil bottle is specifically labelled for use in food, it shouldn't be used in food. Why? Not all oils are created equally. Some brands of essential oils include synthetic chemicals that can be harmful if ingested.

I personally use essential oils in my food everyday. Yes, that's not an exaggeration, I include them in my drinks and meals everyday. I've been doing this for years. I've taught cooking with essential oils classes across the country and I've written books about how to cook with essential oils together with recipe books for using essential oils. So needless to say I've had my fair share of experiences with knowing what works and what doesn't.

Though what if you don't have any experience with using essential oils in food. How do you know which oils are safe to use in food and how would you know how much to use?

Here's a tip, a little goes a long way. You'll find out the hard way that the first time you add more than a drop of Rosemary oil to your dish - it won't harm you, but the flavour will be way too overpowering.

I only use Young Living essential oils for food. They're safe for use in food under the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand guidelines, they're labelled for use in food and they taste delicious.

My friends are constantly amazed at how essential oils change the flavours of meals they've been making for years. Plus, I've been to the Young Living farms where they grow the plants (I've been to 7 of the Young Living farms) to see first hand the Seed to Seal process to know there's no chemicals in those bottles and the essential oils are of the highest quality - because my health and my families health is important to me.

Which Essential Oils are Food Grade?

Here's the Young Living essential oils that can be used in food in Australia

Where to get Food Grade Essential Oils in Australia?

You can order Young Living food grade essential oils here.

How will you know how to use essential oils in food?

I'll hook you up! When you purchase Young Living food grade essential oils oils at you'll gain access to the 'How to Cook with Essential Oils' e-book, plus a series of Recipes books showing you how to use essential oils with food.

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