What to use Cardamom Oil in Food For?

You've heard of cardamom, but have you heard of cardamom essential oil? You can thank me in advance, because once you've tried this, you'll never look back. Cardamom essential oil is AMAZING in chai tea. The flavour of cardamom essential oil takes chai tea to a whole new level!

Cardamom essential oil isn't the only oil that can be used in chai tea. Other awesome flavour combinations for chai tea are black pepper essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and nutmeg essential oil.

But not all brands of essential oil can be used in food and drinks. I only use Young Living essential oils for food. Young Living essential oils in Australia are labelled for use in food and drinks under the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand guidelines.

How to use Cardamom essential oil in chai tea

Make your chai tea using your favourite chai tea recipe. Just before serving, add 1 drop of Young Living Cardamom essential oil, stir through then enjoy.

Where to get Cardamom essential oil in Australia?

You can get Young Living cardamom essential oil here.

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