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Brushing is Not Enough! Why Conventional Toothpastes Don't Work

Toothpaste Brushing is Not Enough Why Conventional Toothpastes don't work

Think your toothpaste is the best way to clean and protect your teeth? Think again!

Did you know the mouth is the dirtiest place in the body?

Most people would think the dirtiest place in the body is the colon or bowels. But it's not. It's common medical knowledge that the dirtiest place of the body is the mouth. Did you know the back of the tongue is literally teeming with pathogenic microorganisms.

Dr John Richter from the Richter Centre for The Diagnosis and Treatment of Breath Disorders says "more bacteria per square inch live on the back of the tongue that any other part of the body". YUCKY!!

So here's the problem, few people use the toothbrush to remove those bacteria. So you might be thinking, I'll scrub the tongue clean. Though here's the rub, even if you scrubbed the tongue thoroughly, many bacteria would remain and quickly repopulate the mouth.

Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Presence

Most toothpastes work to prevent cavities by merely hardening the tooth enamel with fluoride or using abrasive salts to mechanically scrub away microorganisms from the teeth and gums.

However, brushing is not enough to eliminate bacterial, fungal and viral presence in the mouth. Microorganisms typically hide between teeth and under the tongue.

Whilst brushing removes some of the plaque and pathogens, it still leaves 40 to 70 perent of the microorganisms behind unscathed to later repopulate the mouth.

Oral hygiene could be vastly improved by adding proven and potent antiseptics to the toothpaste matrix, rather than relying on either fluoride or scrubbing.

Essential Oils to the Rescue

Essential oils are ideal for use in oral care products because they are both non-toxic and according to Dr Jean Valent

"Essential Oils are especially valuable because of their aggression toward microbial germs is matched by their total harmlessness toward tissue". Dr Jean Valnet MD, used essential oils for decades in his clinical practice.

Check out Pubmed and Google to see the more than 100 clinical research studies on the effectiveness of essential oils in dental hygiene. Over 100 studies have been conducted on the essential oils and tooth decay and gingivitis.

According to Christine Charles in a study published by the Journal of the American Dental Association "The efficacy of an essential-oil-containing mouth rinse has been demonstrated in numerous double-blind clinical studies."

What to use?

Here's what I use for dental hygience - the Thieves Ultra Toothpaste and the Thieves Mouthwash.

Why Thieves Toothpaste and Thieves Mouthwash?

Thieves toothpaste and Thieves mouthwash are an all natural toothpaste and mouthwash combination that feature the powerful Thieves essential oil blend. Thieves essential oil is a combination of clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oils.

Thieves toothpaste isn't just toothpaste with all natural ingredients and essential oils.

The Thieves Ultra toothpaste features a special two-part essential oil system that has:

  • Anti-stain, whitening enzymes

  • Time-released essential oil mouthwash

  • A low-abrasion formula

  • Special tartar-control agents

  • All food-grade, edible ingredients

What's special about Thieves toothpaste is it's Patented Liposome Technology which binds the essential oils to the mucus membranes in the mouth for unmatched breath-freshening and oral hygiene.

The Thieves Mouthwash includes controlled-release liposomes that adhere tooth enamel and mucus membranes in the mouth.

The liposomes that adhere to dental enamel are used to improve dental health because they contian essential oil and active materials to prevent plaque formation and aid in dental health.These active materials are released slowly, for longer-lasting benefits.

What does that mean? It means, unlike conventional toothpastes that leave bacteria to quickly re-populate in the mouth, Thieves toothpaste offers long lasting protection as it keeps working and stays in the mouth for longer.

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